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how to run in-house training for your organisation

- with express training

It's very easy and very cost-effective.

Cost-effective: say you have 10 colleagues needing training.

How to spend a lot of money: If you purchase places on a publicly available course you may pay at least £150 per place for a half-day event. That's £1500. Then you have to pay travel costs to get your people to the training: say £25 per person on average. That's another £250. Maybe you also have to pay them subsistence... it's close to £2000. More than 10 people? The costs just multiply.

How to spend one-quarter to one-half that amount: We run the event for you in your own premises (that's what "in-house" means). You pay a fixed amount. It's the same for up to 16 participants. Or, if you've fewer people than that, you can sell on excess places to colleagues in other organisations, making it even cheaper. More than 16 people? We'll increase the fee by a small increment for each extra person. No suitable training room? We'll help you arrange a local venue.

You get:

  • expert and enjoyable training...
  • ...tailored to you and your colleagues' precise needs...
  • ...for a lower per-delegate price...
  • ...on-site at your premises, so...
  • no "dead" travel time, and...
  • you can be at your desk until 5 minutes before the course starts!


1 you call express training and tell us your training needs. Don't worry if you don't know what you need! See our course menu or just call us to discuss

2 we agree the date and time - and the fee

3 we help you organise in-house publicity for the course

4 you arrange a suitable room at your premises

5 you make sure your people are ready to start at the agreed time

6 we bring all we need on the day - and deliver the training

7 we invoice you after its successful completion

Click here for a case-study on how a west country law firm uses this model to stay up-to-date on changes to benefits law

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